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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

List of data mining blogs

Since several new blogs related to data mining have recently appeared, I think this is a good opportunity to summarize existing blogs. They are listed with no particular order:

Feel free to comment if you want to update any information or add your own site (or a data mining site you know).

Last update: 12.12.2007

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Anonymous said...

I recommend you, it's in spanish and talks about lots of things, but talk very frequently about data mining.

Anonymous said...

Another usefull Data Mining blog is on (only in italian language)

James Taylor said...

If you are interested in the use of data mining and analytics in decision automation, I would hope you would find mine interesting - I work at Fair Isaac but the folks over at Juice Analytics said "James Taylor has a rare corporate blog that is informative and passionate without feeling like a pitch" which counts as an endorsement of sorts!
Hope to "see" you there.

Amaresh said...

I would second James suggestion about edmblog and throw ours to the mix

We post about analytics and its applications in marketing and operations

Sandro Saitta said...

Thanks for the links. I have added EDMblog and Diamond Information Analytics to the list. I haven't added the two other ones, although they may be very interesting, since they are not in English.

Marcos said...

You may find my blog on Oracle Data Mining and Analytics ( interesting. It covers many areas of data mining. Although the examples are implemented in Oracle the discussions are general in nature.

Chuck Lam said...

I'd also like to mention a new blog I started about a week ago. It focuses on data strategy, and data mining is obviously a big part of it.

Anonymous said...

A specialized blog on data mining approaches for the Netflix Prize and collaborative filtering in general can be found here

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