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Friday, February 06, 2009

Data Miners on Twitter

After the LinkedIn and Facebook phenomena, here comes Twitter. When the short process of account creation is done, you can start writing small "posts" of maximum 140 characters. Twitter is a kind of micro-blogging platform. It is somehow between the blog and the chat. You can discuss a topic, and people can answer to your tweets. If you like someone's topics, you can follow him. You will then discover all the people he follows and the ones following him. You can of course then connect with all these people.

At this stage you may ask yourself two questions. First question: why would you use Twitter? From a professional point of view, you can build a network of people in your field. You will also be aware of what happens in a particular domain. This is much more dynamic than a forum and it spreads faster than a newsletter.

Second question: what can you write in less than 140 characters? You can share an interesting article, highlight a website, point to a blog post, mention a nice book you have just read, some news you want to discuss about and many other things. In fact I use Twitter when I want to share something that would not deserve a whole post on my blog.

If you want to give Twitter a try, here is a list of data miners on Twitter. I have also mentioned their blog or company when available:

Also, don't forget that you can see the following and followers of everyone. Here is a nice blog for more tips on Twitter. If you are a data miner and if you use Twitter, feel free to add a comment to this post and mention your user name.

Update: February, 11th 2009 (thanks to Michael Driscoll)

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JoSeK said...

Excelent post ;)

As you asked in my blog (, I'm on Twitter, @josek_net

I use to post in Spanish but also I use to mantain several discussions in English.

Dean Abbott said...

I just starting tweeting to see what it is like...the only problem is that the Dean Abbott you list as me is not me! I don't know who it is, but my twitter id is not yet public. Funny quote though...

Joy Lynford said...

i am there on twitter and its excellent. the concept of followers and following is great.

Sandro Saitta said...

@JoSeK: Thanks, I have added your name.

@Dean: Ooops! Sorry for the mistake. I have removed the wrong Dean Abbott. Feel free to give me your twitter id once it's public.

Tim Manns said...

I don't use Twitter much. It was started as a work event thing (my social networking analysis).

I try to simply update it with titles of my current main projects.

- Tim

Benjamin Wiederkehr said... is also on Twitter as @datavis. Updates from the blog, small pieces of information and links from the world of datavisualization is the main content.

Looking foreward to meet you!

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